902 Commerce Street

The New Architecture Center

The new Architecture Center is prominently located on the Southeast corner of Commerce & Travis in a historic 1906 B.A. Riesner building. The 5,400 SF gallery/lecture space is significantly larger than what ArCH previously had and offers an excellent storefront connection with the street. The larger space will allow for more attendees at events and exhibitions. The restored façade, and the storefront, on the other hand, will provide visibility and the connection with the street ArCH has never had. Prior to Harvey, the ArCH gallery attracted approximately 13,000 visitors every year. Since the opening of the gallery space, the interest in organization’s programs has increased and, considering the advantages of the new offices, ArCH is ready to take the next step in its development and growth.


Traditionally, ArCH gallery space has been used for architectural exhibitions, community engagement events, lectures, presentations, K-12 programs and networking events. The new offices will provide outstanding opportunities to continue and offer more initiatives of this kind by being accessible to the public and by leading the way in refreshing the architectural fabric of this historic part of downtown. ArCH is an important and attractive destination for designers, architects, tourists and Houston’s public. Located near the light rail and 3 major highways, the new Architecture Center will effectively connect with the entire Houston area. 


ArCH’s programs are designed primarily by members of AIA Houston. Research shows that majority of design professionals and AIA Houston members live and work in areas close to the northern part of downtown. Moving to the new location is essential for ArCH, as it will provide members and Houston public with more convenience and opportunities for involvement.